Author Topic: Furthest Tales of the City - new science fiction collection  (Read 2119 times)

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Furthest Tales of the City - new science fiction collection
« on: October 27, 2015, 01:54:15 pm »
Out now - the fourth collection from the City of the Saved!

Even the secular afterlife created for humanity by the Secret Architects has its limits – and there will always be those Citizens who chafe against those limits. Environmentally, culturally, biologically, cosmologically, politically, experientially, some will always seek to go further.

For instance…

A group mind facing the troubling truth of resurrection. A comatose giant with human inhabitants of its own. A civilisation re-enacting an impossible apocalypse. A woman with negligible human ancestry out on the dating scene. A cult who inhabit the deep infrastructure underlying the City. A fictional adventurer starved of the risks his narrative craves.

These are their tales.

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