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Public domain SF/F/H movies
« on: January 10, 2016, 06:49:01 pm »
There are now 447 public domain movies in the Sci-Fi/Horror category of the Internet Archive. Obviously, most of these are quite old, and most are quite terrible (but I'm currently having fun watching Sword and the Dragon, a 1956 Russian fantasy epic dubbed and remastered into American in 1960). If you find anything promising in there, let us know.

The main value of movies rising into the public domain, of course, is not simply that you can watch them for free, but the cultural value that comes from them entering into the free heritage of human art. This means that (like classical epic, Renaissance art, and Victorian gothic) we're legally free to remix, reuse, revise, riff off and fanfic-the-shit-out-of any of these works, because the limited term of copyright that prevented us from doing so has expired. What better way to celebrate this than to create some fun mashups of classic fantasy cinema? Any takers?
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