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David Lee Stone (and David Grimstone)
« on: February 02, 2016, 03:44:25 pm »
Hey folks

Just thought I'd post some links and keep you updated on the books my publishers are currently putting out, as well as the FREE stuff I regularly upload onto Amazon. I might also be involved in editing a comic-fantasy anthology for one of the larger publishing houses next year, so will post an update on that soon, too. Any questions or stuff I can help with regarding blogging or writing, feel free to fire away....

My Page at Hodder:

My UK Blog:

My latest book:
Outcasts: The Game (out in May 2016 - link:

My latest FREE short:
The Lickspittle Leviathan (link here:

Author of The Illmoor Chronicles (2003-2007), Davey Swag (2008), Gladiator Boy (2009-2010), Undead Ed (2011-2012) and - forthcoming - Outcasts: Game (2016-2018) Publishers: Disney USA, Hodder UK, Penguin USA, Open Road USA /Agents: The Sophie Hicks Agency