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ARC Exchange - Honest Reviews!
« on: August 20, 2016, 12:10:39 pm »
Hello everyone!
My name is Madeleine, and I am a young author living in Winchester. Although I have been part of the society for a few months, but I've only just discovered the forum, so I apologise in the delay in introducing myself.
For those who may have browsed Issue 15 of the BFS Journal, I was the one who wrote the article about the Witches of Macbeth.

I'm setting up this topic, because I'm looking for reviewers. I have some upcoming projects which are being published later this year, and want to try and promote these, with pre-release reviews and chatter. These projects include the first two books from my epic fantasy series, The Harmatia Cycle, and an anthology of short-stories which I contributed toward, all about creatures and cryptids!

In exchange, I would love to receive ARCs from other authors in return, and to help out with the promotion of you. I'm particularly fond of both mythological and urban fantasy, and have a soft spot for YA and NA fiction. I'm not a big reader of Scifi, but I enjoy Gothic and Historical Fantasy, Magic Realism, Ghost stories and am a sucker for Steampunk.

If any of that sounds like your book, then please get in touch! I'd love to read it.

To give you an idea of my projects
The Harmatia Cycle is epic fantasy, based in Celtic Mythology. The Sons of Thestian (Book 1) was previously published, but is having a 2nd Edition released, and Blood of the Delphi is the next insallment in the trilogy. Both are set to be released at Christmas. - If this interested you, you would be sent an ARC of The Sons of Thestian in October for review, and then if requested, an ARC of Blood of the Delphi afterwards.
- The cryptid anthology will be comprised of several different authors, and will include 12 short stories in a variety of styles. Each story is no longer than 8,000 words. - If this interested you, you would be sent an ARC in September.

I look forward to hearing from you guys!