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Blogging, signed books and interviews
« on: August 30, 2016, 09:46:40 am »
Morning fantasy folks

I'm in the process of updating my author blog, getting a website and newsletter together (slowly) and generally overhauling my social media presence. I'm contemplating offering signed copies of my print books via the blog, plus possibly other merchandise such as bookmarks.  Has anyone done this and if so is it worth it. I'm published through Createspace - but as the postage on author copies is ruddy expensive to the UK and takes forever I usually just order my own books on Amazon (which is free delivery with Prime).  Of course then I'd have to send the books to the buyer and this is the tricky bit - what postage do I offer?
What I was thinking - signed book, bookmark and possibly something else. Perhaps a voucher code for the audio?

Suggestions? Thoughts?
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