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A substantial anthology of new occult detective mysteries with real bite.

Some stories need space to breathe and develop – and sometimes there’s no easy solution to be wrapped up in a dozen pages. Not content with being limited to our usual magazine length fiction, this time we’re offering readers and writers a chance to really get their teeth into something.

For Occult Detective Quarterly Presents, we’ve carefully selected seven new stories of novelette to novella length from some terrific authors. We’ll be giving out more details as this campaign unfolds, but we can say that ODQ Presents features a wild Nick Nightmare novella by veteran, award-winning author Adrian Cole, exclusive to this anthology and full of mad adventure and the occult, risks and betrayals.

Don’t be fooled, though – we haven’t just played safe with established characters. We’ve gone for a great mix of characters and settings from six other contemporary horror, pulp, Gothic and supernatural authors, each with her or his own distinctive style. As an example, we also have Amanda DeWees, another award-winning author who specialises in Gothic mysteries! Whilst you’ll find some sort of occult detective in each of these stories, they may not always be what you expected.

The anthology will be over 250 pages of mystery, magic and malice, with settings that range from urban Scotland to early Judea, calling in at an English country house and smog-bound Los Angeles along the way. Gritty private eyes, stylish psychic sleuths and a rabbi’s assistant await you, in what we hope will be the first of a series of anthologies which will give our occult detectives the space to succeed – or die.

This is your chance to show there’s an appetite for longer fiction, and to get in from the start. The campaign offers some great deals, including both ODQ Presents and issues of ODQ magazine at special prices. If you like what you see, then those further anthologies will be one step nearer to reality, and we’ll be able to plan Open Calls so that more writers can deliver the goods.

Click below for more details and information on how to back this project.