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I'm a former member of BFS returning after a long lapse. I write speculative fiction/fantasy,  plus poetry and drama.  A new UK print edition of my novel 'The Qliphoth' is now available via Amazon UK or Createspace, while its successors Beneath the Pleasure Zones I & II are still in print or Kindle from Mandrake of Oxford.  Feel free to explore And if you want to know more about 'The Qliphoth' go to:

My definition of fantasy is pretty fluid as genres morph and overlap all the time. Ballard's 'Unlimited Dream Company' fits my definition of  fantasy. So do M. John Harrison's wonderful Viriconium stories or Brian Catling's 'The Vorrh' or Michael Moorcock's Jerry Cornelius fabulations. Magic and the esoteric are part of the mix in my writings  but usually in a contemporary setting and my worlds are pretty seedy. No swords or dragons, I'm afraid. There are many people who can do that well, but I am not one of them...

I live in Hastings ( a magical town, if somewhat seedy) and I'd be glad to have a coffee/beer with other writers/readers in the area.  Have  a productive day!