Author Topic: BFS Journal 19 and 20: Calls for Submissions  (Read 1774 times)

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BFS Journal 19 and 20: Calls for Submissions
« on: May 30, 2018, 04:11:11 pm »
Call for papers has just gone up for BFS Journal 19 and 20:

The journal is a mix of articles and is keen to accept submissions from people who want to write about fantasy, horror and science fiction.

Our focus is primarily the former, but our readers have interests across all three genres.

Academic articles for the BFS Journal should be between 2500 and 6000 words. We prefer nearer the former, as this is about the size of a conference paper. References in the text should be (Author, Date of Edition: Page Number) with a full publication listing for the bibliography given for each article at the end. Please don't use footnotes in your submissions.

Other articles, such as reviews of books, events, art and interviews are also accepted.

BFS Journal 19 Deadline for submissions will be August 1st 2018, with an expected print in October.

BFS Journal 20 Deadline for submissions will be October 1st 2018, with an expect print in December.

Please email should you wish to discuss an article.

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Re: BFS Journal 19 and 20: Calls for Submissions
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2018, 01:16:11 pm »
This blog post by Juliet McKenna might be interesting in this context:

The BFS Journal could be a good source of such citations if members contribute articles about modern female writers. Itís got me thinking about whether thereís something I could write.