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Nelder's Incremental
« on: October 07, 2018, 04:24:38 pm »
I was asked by my ARIA Trilogy publisher to pull together 25 of my more surreal tales. They’re a mix of bizarre, sci fi, thriller, humour and well, more mental than incremental but they all feature something changing little by little leading to something life-changing. Some have won awards, most should have done.
Example: a pothole doubles in size daily near Madrid. Is it merely subsidence? Another appears at its antipodal point in New Zealand. When will it stop? Does it stop?
A house in London is hit by a grape-sized meteorite. And again same time the next day, and again…Why and how does the owner inadvertently profit?
A man awakes on his ceiling and can’t move…
Published on October 6th 2018 by LL-Publications who produced ARIA. Why October 6th? It’s in honour of my mother’s birthday. She had joined me up to the Children’s Science Fiction Book Club when I was just old enough to read.
Cheaper than a coffee and cake. This link gives you your Amazon Kindle anywhere in the world. Paperback to follow. Search amazon for INCREMENTAL NELDER  or type