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« on: April 27, 2003, 10:52:16 pm »
- pinched from their website -

For more info visit

S1ngularity is an online journal of fiction, criticism and interviews. Our mission is a simple one: bring exemplary fiction to the masses, and complement it with serious critical reviews and probing, insightful interviews.

Our mission is a simple one; its execution is not.


We’re seeking fiction that blurs genre boundaries, singular in its execution, bold in its ideas and style. It is our goal to provide not only the best online source for fiction, but to provide stories that challenge our readers and play with the literary form itself.
We have no genre guidelines, no mapped terrain to point you to. We seek experimentation and excitement – authors should be having fun above all. We live in exciting times, and our fiction should reflect that.

Length is unimportant, but should be a reflection of what the story needs. We read everything onscreen, which reflects our dedication to the Internet as a viable form of media. If we can’t get through it onscreen, we don’t want it.
We’re especially interested in exploring the possibilities of flash fiction, which should not exceed 800 words. Linked stories are welcomed.


Only serious critics need apply.
We have no interested in regurgitated press releases. We have no interest in staid book report styles. What we want is thoughtful, highly-individualized criticism that relates not only a work’s strengths and weaknesses, but also the reviewer’s personal response to the work. We call this type of review ‘exploratory essays’, which relates a work to a reviewer’s idiosyncratic tastes and situations.
In short, make it personal.

We accept interviews that are interesting and in-depth. Query with past credits or proposed interviews.


We will accept articles that are not criticism. Critical guidelines above still apply.


We are looking for talented, interesting bloggers to join our site. Please query for more information.


We accept e-submissions. We work primarily on Microsoft Word 2000 for Windows or RTF format. Submissions may be sent as text, HTML, .docs, or in the body of an email. We don’t care what it looks like; just get it to us!