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« on: April 28, 2003, 05:39:35 pm »
- pinched from their website -

Special fast-track service for subscribers. Though they will consider manuscripts from anyone, the special service has certain advantages:

 :arrow: A guaranteed response within two weeks of receipt.

 :arrow: Editorial comments unless the author specifically requests otherwise.

 :arrow: In the event of manuscripts being of equal merit, in my opinion, both acceptance and publication date will favour subscribers.

Non-subscribers should not query their submission for at least three months, and, in the case of a rejection, will receive a form notification only. I had hoped to be able to pay contributors, but my application to the Southern Arts Board for a grant was unsuccessful, so payment (for the time being) will continue to be a complimentary copy. The reasons for introducing the above are to reward subscribers for doing something positive about safeguarding the resources available to writers, and to hopefully encourage more people to subscribe, with a view to offering some sort of financial remuneration for their efforts.

ROADWORKS is a quarterly magazine of short stories, covering the horror, science fiction, dark fantasy and slipstream genres.

No specific word length, but anything over 3000 words would have to justify being longer.

 :arrow: HORROR: I'm looking for stories that are intelligent as well as scary; that leave an impression with the reader that lingers. I have no problem with blood and guts or strong language as long as it is justified within the context of the story. I do not want overt slasherfests.

Within this category I include anything supernatural, including ghost stories. I prefer these to be understated and subtle.

If you send stories covering well-worn themes (ie: vampires, creatures from black lagoons etc) they will need to include ideas that put an original spin on old ideas.

 :arrow: SCIENCE FICTION: The emphasis must be upon the softer elements (for example: How do people cope with an alien environment). Go inward rather than outwards. I do NOT want techno-babble. The harder elements should only be there as a backdrop to the main plot.

 :arrow: DARK FANTASY: I do NOT want high fantasy, sword & sorcery, elves, dwarves, hobbits or heroes that go on quests. I DO want stories that retain some link, however tenuous, with the darker, mysterious side of this world.

 :arrow: SLIPSTREAM: I want stories that paint pictures of reality, but twist those pictures into bizarre tableaux. Think along the lines of how peoples' views of reality and the events that constitute that reality can be very different.

Above all, I want stories that entertain, that are imaginative, that provide suspense, that surprise and disturb, that remain in the reader's mind long afterwards.

 :cry: Overlong stories that sag in the middle.
 :x Badly written, badly constructed, clumsy stories.
 :evil: Weakly plotted stories that become monotonous to read.

 :) Stories that I remember because they leave an impression.
 :D Stories that suspend disbelief no matter how wild their premise.

 :arrow: NON - FICTION: Though primarily a fiction magazine, I will consider articles on any aspect of the genres covered. I'm also looking for articles about writers. Interviews with writers, in any format will also be considered. ROADWORKS does not carry reviews at present.

 :arrow: POETRY: I publish approx. 4 poems per issue. Poetry should be along the lines stated above. There is no maximum or minimum length requirement, but again, longer works must justify their length.

 :arrow: ARTWORK: I'm looking for imaginative black & white illustrations for cover and interior. Nothing too sordid or perverted. Send samples (good quality photocopies). Do NOT send originals.

Manuscripts should be typed and double-spaced, on one side of A4 size paper, with a margin on each side of the page. The title of the story and author should be entered at the top right corner of each page. Pages should be numbered, and the approximate word count shown.

A covering sheet should be included, giving name of story, author, address for correspondence and the publication rights that are being offered.

Please also include a brief covering letter, giving publication history of the story and author's publication credits (where appropriate).

You can send stories on disc (in Microsoft Word or text formats), if you prefer. Wherever possible, stories and articles that I accept should be supplied on disc, as I have very limited time to spend retyping work. If possible, please indicate with your submission, whether or not the work is available on disc.

I will also accept submissions by e-mail (attach files in Microsoft Word, RTF, or include in body of e-mail as an ASCII Text file).

Please send stories to the editorial address given below.

If you want a reply, or your story, article or artwork returned if not accepted, YOU MUST ENCLOSE A LARGE ENOUGH SELF ADDRESSED ENVELOPE WITH CORRECT POSTAGE STAMPS ATTACHED.

If you do not want your manuscript returned, please mark it: 'DISPOSABLE MANUSCRIPT'.

Unpublished stories and reprints will be considered, but if the story is a reprint, please indicate this in your covering letter.

Payment will be one contributor's copy of the issue in which your work appears.

Send submissions to:
Mr T Denyer
'ROADWORKS' magazine
7 Mountview
Church Lane West
GU11 3LN

E-mail address:

Editor recommends that you study at least a sample issue before submitting.