Author Topic: Best (and worst) of 2005?  (Read 1784 times)

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Best (and worst) of 2005?
« on: January 29, 2006, 01:35:05 am »
I tried this topic on another forum and there were some interesting replies. Let's see how it plays here...

Skimmed through latest Film Review yearbook... and finally decided that Batman Begins deserves the 2005 'best film' award, despite the fact I rate Sin City very highly.

Haven't seen too many terrible disappointments lately, but (perhaps) stinker of the year award should go to Dukes Of Hazzard (only Burt Reynolds' sense of comic timing could save it from bottom-of-list spot).

Paul Higson suggests Scarred -
- as turkey material.

I realise few of you will have seen everything from 2005 they'd want/ like to see, but what's your choices for best and worst, so far..?