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Second Contact - Gary Couzens
« on: May 18, 2003, 02:12:24 pm »
Y'know, I always forget how good a storyteller Chairman Gary is (familiarity breeds etc...)  :lol:

So it was a great to be reminded of it when I started dipping into the short stories in his brand new collection - I'm telling you, this book is what the term 'seamless prose' was invented for.

The tales are by and large more subtle than I usually go for, and had it not been that it was our Gary's book, it's probably not something I would have thought of picking up independently.    
Glad I did though.  Bloody fantastic.
There's tales of the '99 August eclipse, of ghosts and other disembodied entities taking possession of a body and engaging in a life or three, alternate dimensions merging under specific circumstances, a piece where fictive reality crosses over into the author's reality  :wink:  and various other wonderfully thought out creations.

Loved it.  8)