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Board Protocol
« on: September 04, 2006, 03:57:59 pm »
As a general point, people clicking on a link sent to them rather than navigating here from the British Fantasy Society site may not be aware that these are moderated boards. Whilse genuine debate is encouraged, posts of an abusive, personal or inflammatory nature will not be tolerated. Such posts will be deleted, and if such posters persist, they will find their posts being moderated completely - ie all posts must be approved by a moderator before posting. Persistent offenders will have their IP addresses banned.

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Re: Board Protocol
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2014, 04:26:58 pm »
A note for new forum members on what to expect from the BFS forum.

The forum is here for us to discuss fantasy, horror and science fiction, and the society itself, but it isn't a customer service forum. Most BFS and FantasyCon committee members are not active on the forum, and when they have been, it's usually because they were forum regulars anyway before joining the committee.

If you ask questions about the society here forum regulars will answer where we can, but if you want an official answer email the appropriate committee member (and if you don't hear back from them try the chair or the president): see the Contact the BFS page on the website for contact details.

Moderation is very light, but we do delete duplicate posts and move threads if needed to more appropriate boards, and very rarely threads have been locked. Try to keep threads on-topic. If you want to grumble about the society or the committee with other members, that's fine, but starting a new thread is better than taking other conversations off-topic.
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