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Comedy Fantasy - The Filthy Six
« on: June 18, 2003, 05:12:05 pm »

   Hi yall, I picked up a copy of this at Gencon, even meeting the author, who despite low attendence was still pretty cheerful, but I digress.

   All I can say is wow! Not to shoddy for a first novel. Not badly paced, its' pretty steady in fact. Loads of in genre jokes, and even a light stab in the Star Wars direction. Its' a parody of sorts, but, shock and horror its' sort of done from the bad guy's point of view.

   The characterisation is good (better than my spelling at any rate!), and some of hte jokes pretty lose to the bone, although that said it does depend on how your mind works. That said it isn't like a Terry Pratchett sense of humour, but does remind me of his earlier stuff.

   Synopsis is typical fantasy a group of hero's are hired to retrieve the mystical artifact to put down the evil necromancess (as he puts it), only she's doing the hiring! The way she see's it is that if she has the item she can't fail to win.

   Thongor, a barbarian with a lisp, all round pervert and sheep worrier was a particular favourite, what that say's about me I dread to think! The Conan take on this guy was great, the conversation with the guy's who ransacked his village left me in tears, (this guy is twisted!).

   Overall throughly enjoyable. I don't know if I can do this but this is from the back of hte book, a far better synopsis than I can write.

 At last, even incompetence has a hero - or in this case several of them!

   When Ashandra, the evil necromancess, put out adverts asking for heroes, she didn't know waht response she would get...

   Meet the Filthy Six : Eric, wielder of Wingbringer, a weapon capable of inspiring fear and flatulance in his enemies, Legless, the Elf - able to sniff out alcohol from 500 paces, Arrogant, the Ranger - winner of the Best Dressed Hero Award five years on the trot; Waistline and Macaroon, brothers - one a mage with a tan and a stomach so big it needs to be carried in a wheelbarrow, the other a fighter with an IQ equal to his biceps; and finally Thongor, all round pervert and prodigious sheep worrier.

    If you want something a little differant, I reccomend it!