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Monster Season on BBC World Service
« on: August 21, 2003, 08:35:48 am »
Here is a press release from Aunty. Hope you enjoy it.

Monster Season on BBC World Service

Monsters  :twisted:

The Monster Season on BBC World Service kicks off with Monsters beginning 2 September.
A four-part series narrated by Rajesh Mirchandani, it takes a look at the fearsome creatures of the imagination that we hate and pity.
The first programme, Monstrous Creatures, will explore the evolution of monsters.
The second programme, The Monster Within on 9 September, explores our morbid fascination with serial killers and cannibals and the powerful dread that we might be capable of committing such acts of violence.
Scientific Monsters on 16 September explores monsters created by fears of science and will include films and stories that explore our fear of dehumanising new technologies like cloning and genetic modification from The Island of Dr Moreau and The Incredible Shrinking Man to The Fly and The Hulk.
Myths about aliens are investigated in the final programme Monsters from Outer Space on 23 September.
From War of the Worlds and Mars Attacks! to the four Alien movies the programme discusses our obsession with identifying our place in the universe and whether other life-forms could be friendly towards the human species.
Torn between love and fear, our attitude to the "other" tells us a lot about ourselves.

Presenter: Rajesh Mirchandani; Producer: Nick Rankin.                          Masterpiece: Monsters: 25 minutes x 4 programmes.

Monstrous Science  :?:
The monsters season continues with Monstrous Science beginning on 3 September looking at huge dinosaurs, giant squids, Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster.
In the first of the four programmes presenter Andrew Luck-Baker investigates the giants of earth's geological history and how such monsters functioned.
Monstrous Science looks at whether there is a theoretical limit to how huge an animal can grow and whether it would be able to eat enough to survive.
The Giant Squid is profiled in programme two on 10 September.
Little is known about these huge invertebrates who can grow to 16 metres from head to tentacle tip.
Never seen swimming in their natural habitat of the ocean, we only know them by dead or dying specimens found by fishermen.
Andrew Luck-Baker talks to a New Zealand scientist who's trying to rear Giant Squid from babies and there's a squid that's claimed to be even bigger - the Colossal Squid of Antarctica.
The most famous extinct monster, the giant meat-eating dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex, is discussed in programme three on 17 September.
In the final programme on 24 September Andrew Luck-Baker discusses present day monsters that some people are convinced really exist such as the Loch Ness Monster of Scotland and the giant ape-man known as Big Foot or the Sasquatch from the forests of North America.

Presenter and Producer: Andrew Luck-Baker. Discovery: Monsters Science: 23 minute x 4 programmes.

Monsters Play: An American Werewolf in London  :D
Jenny Agutter, who starred in the original movie of the same name, and Brian Glover star in a radio dramatisation of the Oscar winning 1983 classic An American Werewolf in London on 13 September.
American college boys Michael and Robin are on a walking holiday on the Yorkshire Moors when, on a dark night, they encounter a terrible fate.
Months later Michael is lying in a London hospital bed, being treated for shock after falling into a coma.
He has strange marks on his body as if he's been attacked by a wolf...
His friend Robin is dead, but something else is wrong with Michael.
He must confront an astonishing and terrifying reality in order to find out what really happened on that dreaded night on the moors.
Adapted and Directed by: Dirk Maggs.

Play of the Week: An American Werewolf in London 90 minutes.
Broadcast Times

Masterpiece: Monsters
Europe: | Tue 08.06 rpt 13.06, 18.06 | Wed 00.06
Americas: | Tue 14.06 rpt 19.06 | Wed 00.06, 05.06

Discovery: Monsters Science
Europe: | Wed 09.06 rpt 14.06, 19.06 | Thur 01.06
Americas: | Wed 15.06 rpt 21.06 | Thur 01.06

Monsters Play: An American Werewolf in London
Europe: | Sat 17.32 rpt Sun 01.01
Americas: | Sat 21.01 rpt Sun 01.01 | Mon 05.01

Listen online at – choose Masterpiece, Discovery or Play of the Week from the drop down list of programmes, or listen after Radio 4 closes.