4 Winds Fantasy Gaming to be acquired by Purple Duck Games

4WindsBig4 Winds Fantasy Gaming’s owner/publisher, Robert Thomson, has announced that 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming will be acquired by Purple Duck Games. The acquisition includes rights to all existing 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming products and over a dozen “in-the-works” projects (including the two successful crowd-funded projects), along with the rights to all names, logos, trademarks, and original artwork contained in the products.

“My wife Connie and I started 4 Winds in March 2009, and it’s been a fun, wild ride. But the time is right for us to divest ourselves of the company and move on to other things,” said Thomson. In the nearly four years of 4 Winds existence, the company released 48 different products, including several apps.

Mark Gedak, owner/publisher of Purple Duck Games stated that Purple Duck intends to keep the 4 Winds brand alive, and that all existing 4 Winds products will remain available for now. Any 4 Winds “in-the-works” projects that Purple Duck chooses to finish will probably carry dual Purple Duck/4 Winds branding.

“I want to keep the 4WFG brand intact and add it to Purple Duck’s, allowing us to continue to build on the great work done by both companies,” said Gedak.

The acquisition will be complete as of January 31, 2013. After the acquisition, Thomson will stay on with Purple Duck Games as developer of the 4 Winds “in-the-works” projects.

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