Changes to the British Fantasy Awards constitution

bfs_logoTwo changes were made to the rules of the British Fantasy Awards at an EGM on 7 December 2012, held at the British Fantasy Society’s Christmas Open Night.

Following a proposal by BFS member Allen Ashley, this text was added to the rules:

Where practicable, the awards administrator will allow and encourage members, publishers and other interested parties to contribute to a list of eligible items, to be made available online before voting begins.

Following a proposal by BFS chair Lee Harris, this text:

The Awards Administrator may not be associated (either by writing, publishing or editing) with work nominated in any category.

was replaced with:

The Awards Administrator may not own or part-own any works shortlisted in any category. Where the Awards Administrator is associated (either by writing, publishing or editing) a work shortlisted in any category, the Awards Administrator will declare this association to the committee, who will independently verify the votes placed for that work, and that work’s eligibility to be shortlisted.

The updated awards constitution can be seen here.

The constitution that applied from 30 September 2012 to 7 December 2012 can be seen here.

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