FantasyCon 2020 Announcement

It will no doubt come as little surprise that, due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we have made the decision that FantasyCon 2020 will not go ahead. It is simply not realistic to expect us to be in the position where having 500 people crammed into a convention space will be a sensible proposition. The FantasyCon 2020 committee have not taken this decision lightly, but it is the right decision to protect you, our members.

The FantasyCon 2020 committee will, instead, be running FantasyCon 2022, and we have some exciting information about this, below.

FantasyCon 2021 is still scheduled to happen, and although it is too early to confirm with 100% certainty, the FantasyCon 2021 team is aiming to run the convention in the Midlands. You can expect more details on this over the coming months.

The British Fantasy Society will announce specific plans for The British Fantasy Awards and the British Fantasy Society AGM. Currently they are planned to go ahead, online.

FantasyCon 2022 will be in London, and as we are no longer running to a tight timescale for this, we will be running it from a hotel that has all the facilities we need, so if you wish to stay onsite you can, and with over 2 years to plan you can expect a great convention!

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