Full Moon Press Shuts Down

Full Moon Press, an American small press run by Paul Little, closed its doors this week. They had published two books so far, including one by Rick Hautala, and had planned to release books by Tim Waggoner, Brian Lumley and Steven Savile, among others.

Set up in 2008, Full Moon announced an extremely ambitious publishing schedule of over 40 books, and sold lifetime memberships at three tiers, of $500, $2000 and $4000, but the project quickly ran into scheduling problems. One subscriber reported having received just two books.

As recently as October 2009, Full Moon had promised to deliver ten books to subscribers in February 2010, and on January 12 they had said, “We are going to publish all the books we say we are. FMP is solid and here to stay.”

However, on January 22, citing ongoing, serious health problems resulting from undiagnosed Lyme Disease, Little announced plans to hand the company over to a new owner. Those plans fell through, and though Little insisted the same day that “FMP is NOT in precarious shape”, on January 24 came the announcement: “With the recent wave of subscribers asking for money back, there is nothing I can do but shut FMP down.”
He insisted that he would do his best to repay customers; from the figures given, it’s estimated that customers have lost as much as $100,000 in total. One customer complaining about his lost money seemed to be threatened with libel proceedings.

Various authors involved with the press, including Steven Savile, have been doing what they can for fans to make up for their losses.

Update: Paul Little has said that the actual figure customers have lost, and which he intends to pay back, is in the region of $33,000.
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