Latest Screaming Dreams Title Now Available

SDlatestNow That I’ve Lost You, the latest collection by Paul Edwards, is now available as a paperback or Kindle edition from Amazon. Find out more here:

A man seeks a cure for his loneliness in the squalid back streets of Goa. A couple find solace in each other as the world comes apart at the seams. Sinister creatures besiege a small American town buried in fog. And as the dead rise from rent, yawning graves, a girl is holed up in a farmhouse with one of their own…

In these nineteen tales of love and loss, sex and death, you will brave witches, warlocks and the living dead; traverse uncharted, hypnotic highways; and you will meet up with green-eyed losers who inhabit small spaces: whether it’s graveyards, old churches, or their own echoing heads.

Paul Edwards was born and raised in Bristol, but now lives in the Somerset market town of Frome. To date he’s had over 40 publications in a wide range of magazines, anthologies and webzines, and has had 2 honourable mentions in the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. One of his stories, A Place the Night Can’t Touch, was made into a short film by students at The Surrey Institute of Art and Design. His debut collection Black Mirrors was published by Rainfall in May 2012 and he’s currently hard at work on a novel and a third collection. When he’s not writing, he enjoys drinking local cider, spending time with his family and watching horror movies late into the night…

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