New Site Devoted to James Branch Cabell…

siver_stallion_3A new site has been created, devoted to the life and works of American fantasy author James Branch Cabell, who died in 1958.

The site is still in development but features include (or will include):

  • A revised, updated and illustrated bibliography of James Branch Cabell’s works, in both chronological order and ‘Brewer order.’ (sample pages here or here).
  • A revised and updated bibliography of works about James Branch Cabell
  • A picture gallery
  • Notes and essays on Cabell and related topics (samples: here and here)
  • Reprints from the classic Cabell journals “Kalki” and “The Cabellian” (samples: here or here )
  • Book reviews
  • A discussion forum (The Rabble Discuss Cabell )
  • Collector’s Corner
  • Letters to the editor Read letters or Write letters
  • Links to Cabell-related sites and pages on the internet (Cabell Links )
  • and more…

The Silver Stallion is a collaborative effort, staffed entirely by volunteers, that depends heavily on the comments and contributions of their readers. If you have information, photographs, or other data that you’d like to share, or if you have comments, questions or suggestions, please contact the webmaster at or the editor at

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