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Azanian BridgesBFS members can submit their news for free inclusion in our monthly members-only bulletin. Here is a selection of recent items:

Allen Stroud: If you’re going past a supermarket, Total Film and SFX have a special Definitive Guide to Zombies out this month entitled Zombies: The Ultimate Celebration. I wrote the introductory article on pages 8–11 entitled “Dead and Loving It”. There’s a little plug for the British Fantasy Society at the end. Learn more.

George Sandison: Unsung Stories have published Winter by Dan Grace, the first title under their new digital-only line, Unsung Signals. Signals focuses on mid-length genre fiction (5,000–30,000 words long) to offer a platform for emerging writers, and works that fall outside traditional publishing models. Winter is a dystopian tale shot through with magic and folklore and is available now for a princely £1.99. For writers, we accept un-agented submissions. More details on the website. Learn more.

Nick Wood: Nick Wood’s alternative history Azanian Bridges – set in a current South Africa, where apartheid has endured – was released and launched by NewCon Press at Mancunicon, Easter 2016. Learn more.

Peter Thompson: I have a fantasy novel out on it is called The Rim World of Canis Minor Three. It is the first of a series of novels I have written. Learn more.

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