Tartarus Press News – Night Voices by Robert Aickman

aickmannightvoicesTartarus Press are delighted to announce that their next publication will be Night Voices by Robert Aickman. Reprinting this eighth volume of Aickman’s short stories means that all of his short fiction is now in print, and they hope to keep it that way, especially as 2014 will be Aickman’s centenary year.

The short stories contained in this collection are: ‘The Stains’, ‘Just a Song at Twilight’, ‘Laura’, ‘Rosamund’s Bower’, and ‘Mark Ingestre: The Customer’s Tale’. We have added Aickman’s fantasy novella ‘The Model’, along with his ‘Essay’ written on winning the First World Fantasy Award, and his Introductions to The Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories. The volume contains an ‘Introduction’ by Barry Humphries, which is bookended by the reminiscence ‘Robert Remembered’ by Ramsey Campbell.

Night Voices is a sewn hardback of 316+ vii pages, printed lithographically, with silk ribbon marker, head and tailbands, and d/w. Price £32.50

Publication date 29th May 2013.

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