Midnight Street #12


Review by Steve Redwood Midnight Street #12 keeps to the same format as earlier issues, a mixture of fiction (and a pretty eclectic mix too, this time), interviews, reviews, [...]

Amazon Buys Stanza


It’s all go in the ebook field at the moment. Barnes and Noble recently acquired Fictionwise, who among other things sell ebook versions of Interzone and Black Static. [...]

J.G. Ballard has died


J.G. Ballard died this morning, aged 78. As part of the new wave of science fiction he pushed back the boundaries of the genre, and changed the way it was perceived. He went [...]

BFS Open Night Reminder


A quick reminder that there’s a BFS Open Night at The George tomorrow (Friday, 17 April 2009). People will be chatting and doing the things they normally do at BFS Open [...]

Rocketing eBooks


I recently got rather excited about the release of the Amazon Kindle (in the US) and the Sony Reader (over here). I couldn’t afford either at the time, but it occurred [...]
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