THE ABSOLVED by Matthew Binder. Review.


THE ABSOLVED by Matthew Binder Black Spot Books p/b £8.44/US$ 14.99 Review by Nigel Robert Wilson The narrator of this tale is Henri, a wealthy cancer doctor who is a [...]

Driftwood by Marie Brennan. Review.


Driftwood by Marie Brennan Taychon Publications, pb, £12.19 Reviewed by Mikaela Silk Marie Brennan’s ‘Driftwood’ is set during an unofficial memorial service for the [...]

BROKEN SHADOW by Jaine Fenn. Review.


BROKEN SHADOW by Jaine Fenn Angry Robot, 425 page p/b, £8.99 Reviewed by Pauline Morgan Throughout history there have been frequent clashes between the perceived beliefs of [...]

Mordew by Alex Pheby. Review.


Mordew by Alex Pheby Galley Beggar Press, pb, £11.65 Reviewed by Mikaela Silk Alex Pheby’s ‘Mordew’ follows the life of Nathan Treeves as he comes into his magical [...]
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