Paperless Memberships

The BFS wouldn’t exist without you, its members. We need you, and we miss you. To tempt you back, we’ve introduced a new tier of membership suitable for the digital age: paperless memberships, priced at only £20. You’ll still get all the main benefits of being a member of the BFS, such as voting in the annual British Fantasy Awards, discounted tickets for FantasyCon, the monthly members bulletin, and free entry to the BFS Short Story competition. However, we understand that many of you like to read on the go, or have only limited shelf space, and so don’t necessarily want hard copies of our bi-annual BFS Journal and BFS Horizons publications. So, on this new, cheaper, paperless membership, you’ll have access to our publications by digital download to suit e-readers and tablets. Quicker. Easier. More cost effective for you. But still awesome!

Of course, if you’d like to receive full hard copies, then the usual membership is still available at the following rates:
United Kingdom – £35.00 (£40.00 Joint Membership)
Europe – £45.00 (£50.00 Joint Membership)
Rest of World – £60.00 (£65.00 Joint Membership)
(A quick note: the new digital membership is only available as a single membership at the moment.)

All you have to do is provide your details below and click “Buy Now” to be taken to PayPal to complete the transaction.

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