The Caretakers by Adrian Chamberlin. Book review

caretakersTHE CARETAKERS by Adrian Chamberlin, Dark Continents, s/b, $19.99,

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

Set in and around the fictional Cambridge college of All Souls, this excellent thriller explores a dark and dangerous world of ancient rituals, hidden agendas and secret pasts.

The main protagonist is Andy Hughes – a doorman with an inner rage that he struggles to control.  With a history of violence and death, Andy finds himself indebted to his local gangster, who asks him to go to Cambridge to investigate the disappearance of a student.  His girlfriend, Jennifer runs away after she finds a gun hidden in their attic, so Andy has no reason to stay and accepts the request.

He goes to stay with his old university friend Rob while investigating in Cambridge, and quickly finds himself embroiled in a web of deceit, with all strands pointing back to All Souls College. The titular Caretakers are a shadowy bunch controlling the college, at the root of a dark conspiracy that spans centuries.

This is a gritty thriller, with some great plot twists and well developed characters.  The supernatural elements are well thought out, and the dialogue believable.  With more than a whiff of Stephen King about it, The Caretakers is well worth a read if you enjoy a good supernatural conspiracy novel.