The Silver Dream. Book Review

SDTHE SILVER DREAM by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves

Harper Collins, h/b, 256pp, £12.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

The sequel to the best-selling Interworld, The Silver Dream focuses on Joey Harker.  Sixteen years old, able to walk between dimensions, and working with a team of alternate Joeys from other dimensions to save the Altiverse from destruction at the hands of the technologically advanced Binary, or the magic-wielding HEX.

The pedigree of the authors is enough to recommend it to the most discerning of fantasy readers – Neil Gaiman is of course, a legend.  Having written all sorts ranging from Dr Who episodes, to the wildly successful Sandman series of graphic novels, and even Coraline (which was received the Hollywood treatment).  While Michael Reaves’ name may not be as widely known, he’s won Emmy awards for his work, and has written best-selling Star Wars novels.

The book is action-packed, and while aimed at older children (11+), is an excellent and easy read for all ages.  Younger readers will identify with Joey and his trials and tribulations, while older readers can just sit back and enjoy the action.




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