TIME’S CONVERT By Deborah Harkness. Review.

TIME’S CONVERT By Deborah Harkness

Headline Books, h/b, £19.99

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

Deborah Harkness has made quite the impact on the world – her debut book, A Discovery of Witches has been made into a very popular Sky One TV series, and this fourth book in the series takes a new slant.

Matthew de Clermont and his wife Diana (née Bishop) are proud parents to Rebecca and Philip – the first half vampire-half witches ever born. But they aren’t the primary focus of this book – that honour is instead bestowed upon one of Matthew’s vampiric children, Marcus Whitmore. His fiancée Phoebe is becoming a vampire so that they can mate, and this takes us into Marcus’ previously untold history beginning in the American Revolutionary War. A thrilling tale of love, war, derring-do, smallpox vaccinations and vampires – who could ask for more?!

Harkness’ writing is always a joy to behold, and her characters so well-rounded that the reader cannot help to be drawn into her world and to empathise deeply with them. Her historical retellings with a supernatural twist are exceptionally well researched and detailed, bringing the late 1700s and more history to life. It’s easy to see why she has garnered so much recognition and awards for her writing.

This new chapter answers lots of questions about the history of the de Clermont family, leaving lots of unanswered questions and open doors for future novels. Here’s hoping that her excellent writing and the tale of the de Clermonts continues for another trilogy (or two!).

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  1. Kay Adams // 06/08/2019 at 21:43 //

    Spot on!! Your review nailed it precisely. ❤

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