Who Is Killing The Great Capes Of Heropa? By Andrez Bergen. Book review

WHO IS KILLING THE GREAT CAPES OF HEROPA? By Andrez Bergen, Perfect Edge Books, s/b, £14.99, http://andrezbergen.wordpress.com

Reviewed by Matthew Johns

Heropa is a huge virtual reality metropolis protected by a team of dysfunctional superheroes, The Equalizers, engaged in a constant battle against The League of Unmitigated Rotters.  Southern Cross, Pretty Amazonia, The Brick and the Great White Hope are the few remaining members of the Equalizers, who have all been slowly killed off by an unknown assailant.  Can they find who is killing them and find the true meaning behind Heropa before it’s too late?

Bergen’s passion for his work shines through into his prose – clearly here is an author who knows their comic book world inside and out.  The book is peppered with lovingly crafted references to comic book characters, with the non-super-powered population (known as Blandos) all named for various characters from classic comic books, including a strangely familiar elderly doorman named Stan, with twinkling eyes and a moustache, and a reporter named after the actress who portrayed Lois Lane in the original, George Reeve Superman series.

You don’t have to be a comic book fan to enjoy this fantastic piece of literature, but those with more than a passing knowledge can sit and chortle to themselves as they find more and more references to classic comics.  Either way, this is well-written, entertaining and an engaging read.

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