Dan Abnett

Brink: Book Two. Graphic Novel Review

July 26, 2018

BRINK: BOOK TWO by Dan Abnett & INJ Culbard 2000AD. p/b, 96pp, £12.99 Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins Galina Habitat is still under construction and things are not going the [...]

Brink: Book One. Graphic Novel Review

February 9, 2018

BRINK: BOOK ONE by Dan Abnett & INJ Culbard Rebellion, 96pp, p/b, £12.99 Reviewed by Elloise Hopkins A dead man, and a suspect who is either seriously drugged up or [...]

Horus Rising by Dan Abnett. Book review

March 6, 2013

HORUS RISING by Dan Abnett, Black Library, h/b, £20.00, www.blacklibrary.com Reviewed by Sandra Scholes In the Warhammer 40,000 universe, this is the very start of the [...]

Titanicus, Dan Abnett

July 6, 2010

Review by Steve Dean When the vital forge world of Orestes is invaded by Chaos titans, the Imperials send their own titan legion in to counter-attack. For those who [...]