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    Books recently received

    27/06/2011 // 0 Comments

     The following books have been received by the BFS, and will soon be on their way to our team of reviewers:

    Harbour by John A Linqvist. Quercus '7.99. Crime supernatural thriller

    The Things on the Shore by Tom Fletcher. Quercus '7.99. Horror

    Flashback by Dan Simmons. Quercus '20.00. SF/futuristic crime

    Chasers: Alone by James Phelan. Atom '6.99. SF/fantasy, YA

    Witches of the East by Melissa de la Cruz. Sphere '6.99. Paranormal romance

    John Dies @ the End by David Wong. Titan '7.99. Quirky horror fantasy (soon to be a film)

    Delicate Toxins: A Collection of Strange Tales. Sidereal Press '30.00. Anthology

    Rip Tide by Stella Rimington. Bloomsbury '12.99. Crime thriller

    The Day Aberystwyth Stood Still: A Louie Knight Mystery by Malcolm Pryce. Bloomsbury '11.99. Supernatural / comic noir crime

    Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. Quirk Books $17.99. Dark fantasy, teen / adult

    Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King. Hodder '7.99. Horror collection

    The Straight Razor Cure by Daniel Polansky. Hodder & Stoughton '18.99. Swords and sorcery

    Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck. Hodder & Stoughton '6.99. YA / paranormal fantasy

    Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. Hodder & Stoughton '14.99. Urban / paranormal fantasy

    Indigo Eyes by Fel Kian. Immanion Press. '21.99. Gothic supernatural fantasy

    Greyglass by Tanith Lee. Immanion Press. '10.99. Supernatural dark fantasy.

    A Serpent Uncoiled by Simon Spurrier. Headline '12.99. Crime thriller

    Dangerous Waters; The Hadrumal Crisis Book 1 by Juliet McKenna. Solaris. '7.99. Heroic / S&S

    Sympathy for the Devil: A Morris and Chastain Investigation by Justin Gustainis. Solaris '7.99. Urban fantasy / crime

    Loss of Separation by Conrad Williams. Solaris '7.99. Horror.

    Afterblight Chronicles America by Simon Spurrier; Rebecca Levene, Al Ewing. Abaddon Books '10.99. Zombie apocalypse

    The Immortality Engine by George Mann. Snowbooks '7.99. Steampunk mystery

    Pandemonium Road by Thomas Emson. Snowbooks '6.99. Supernatural horror

    Heartless: An Alexia Tarabotti Novel by Gail Carriger. Orbit '7.99. Supernatural /  steampunk

    Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong. Orbit '7.99. Supernatural / paranormal / urban fantasy

    Mirror: Hammer Films Series by Graham Masterton. Arrow '7.99. Horror

    Family Portrait: Hammer Films Series by Graham Masterton. Arrow '7.99. Horror

    The Pariah: Hammer Films Series by Graham Masterton. Arrow '7.99. Horror

    Bearers of the Black Staff: Legends of Shannara Book 1 by Terry Brooks. Orbit '7.99. Swords and sorcery / fantasy

    The Key to Creation: Terre Incognita Book 3 by Kevin J Anderson. Orbit '13.99. Swords and sorcery / fantasy

    Dragon's Time by Anne & Todd McCaffrey. Bantam '18.99. SF with dragons

    Moondance of Stonewylde by Kit Berry. Gollancz '7.99. Urban / countryside fantasy

    Fugue for Darkening Island by Christopher Priest. Gollancz '7.99. SF / horror

    City by Clifford D Simak. Gollancz '7.99. SF Masterworks Series

    Horns by Joe Hill. Gollancz '7.99. Horror suspense

    Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky. Gollancz '8.99. SF cult thriller

    Destiny's Star by Beth Vaughan. Gollancz '7.99. Heroic fantasy

    Terminal World by Alistair Reynolds. Gollancz '8.99. Space opera.

    Black Lung Captain by Chris Wooding. Gollancz '7.99. Offworld SF / fantasy / steampunk

    A Long Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan. Gollancz '18.99  / '9.99. YA dystopian SF / fantasy

    The Traitor's Gate: Nowhere Chronicles Book 2 by Sarah Silverwood. Gollancz '16.99. YA fantasy

    Songs of the Earth: Wild Hunt Book 1 by Elspeth Cooper. Gollancz '18.99. Quest / heroic fantasy

    Blackveil: Greenrider Book 4 by Kristen Britain. Gollancz '14.99. Quest fantasy.

    The Way of Kings: Stormlight Archive Book1 Part 2 by Brandon Sanderson. Gollancz '8.99. Heroic / quest fantasy

    Kitty Goes to Washington by Carrie Vaughn. Gollancz '7.99. Paranormal romance

    Kitty and the Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughn. Gollancz '7.99. Paranormal romance

    Kitty Raises Hell by Carrie Vaughn. Gollancz '7.99. Paranormal romance