eBay auction of original artwork

Jane Frank’s announcement, from Worlds of Wonder Art:

“The time has come … to officially announce the start of my eBay auction of items from the Scithers estate. George died in April, and all items being offered in the auction were his personal possessions, displayed in his house for many years until I removed them – with the help of his executor, Stephen Segal – one month ago.

The sale began on 30 May and will end 6 June. There are 47 items to be auctioned, and all can easily be found by searching by my seller ID wowart or by keyword: the phrase Scithers estate. Either method will bring up all items for sale.

Nothing has been held back. ALL items given to me to represent have been listed, and with starting prices as LOW as I could make them – given the estate’s desire to sell every item THIS WEEK, and my need to insure that the estate is not short-changed by undervaluing works by artists with proven market value.  And, judging by the several bids already posted, even without this announcement, I guess that balancing act is working!  Looks like some of you were anticipating this, and were waiting to pounce!

Because the whole point of this auction is TO RAISE MONEY FOR THE SCITHERS ESTATE, the starting prices for many items have been set arbitrarily low. The aim was to make it possible for anyone who knew and respected George Scithers to easily ‘jump in’ and bid on something. And to encourage that kind of thinking, I was given permission to start things pretty minimally – across the board. So I did. But there’s no getting around the fact that this is a risky strategy: it depends on sharp eyes watching, and not letting any ‘buried treasures’ get away!

For that reason, I seriously doubt I’ll be relisting any SF/F items here that fail to sell … let alone relist them at even lower prices! I’d rather buy them outright, to support the estate! Nor am I going to mess around with winning bidders who don’t pay – after a week. I’ll be going to the second high bidder … So fair warning!

I know that a number of pieces being listed are not SF/F â€“ George also loved trains, trolleys, and ships (both in the air, and on the water). But take a look – you may find yourself attracted to dirigibles and WWII battleships … as well as discovering a world of collectibles you never knew about, like Rumph pottery (something I collect, BTW – and if I didn’t already own a set of the Star Wars mugs, I’d be bidding on them – but the Asimov mug is another story; I’m going to be sorely tempted by that one J

If you have any questions about this auction, get in touch.  Otherwise, bid – and bid high!”