Michael Moorock faces the surgeon’s knife

Michael Moorcock is scheduled for surgery. He writes on his website:

“I’m scheduled to have the surgery Thursday. There’s a rumour, apparently, I’m losing my whole foot. Not so. Just the rest of my toes. Which are useless now anyway. I, too, am mostly concerned about liking the dream gurneys so much I won’t want to leave them…

Any further surgery would be my leg below the knee coming off, which is why the toes are coming off to stop the ‘rocket effect’ of infection travelling rapidly up the bone and infecting the rest of me. Bone’s now exposed, putting me in the danger zone. So it needs to be done as quickly as my doc can fit me in. I like the guy a lot and trust him to do a good job. The last balls up wasn’t his fault but an OR nurse’s. Linda’s asked him to supervise the bandaging and he’s promised to do so.”

The BFS wishes Michael Moorcock all the best for a successful operation.