Mythago stories

Robert Holdstock informs me that: “In the spring, Merlin’s Wood is coming out from Gollanz, as lead in a collection that contains the Mythago novella The Bone Forest as well as a selection of stories.

In the summer, a new novel Avilion (subtitled Armour of the King) is coming from Gollancz; it’s a stand-alone novel, but has strong links with Mythago Wood, which will be reprinted in paperback shortly after.

Later in the year, Gollancz are also bringing out Ancient Echoes, which was lost in the 90s when published by HarperCollins. It’s a series of journies into the unconscious mind in search of a renegade entity from Old Testament times, a vengeful city. The pathway into the past is through MIDACS: Mostly Isolated, Defined and Automonous Central Self. With which I had great fun.”