Reviewers delighted at Wicked Delights

Atomic Fez Press Release: “Atomic Fez is quite pleased about the today’s starred review in Publishers Weekly of Wicked Delights by John Llewellyn Probert. The collection is Mr. Probert’s fifth, and is published by Atomic Fez officially on the 2nd of April, 2010. Pre-orders for the title are being accepted now, with copies being made available for purchase at World HorrorCon in Brighton and EasterCon 2010 in Hayes; the two events being held in the UK on successive week-ends.

Wicked Delights. John Llewellyn Probert. Atomic Fez, $39.99 ISBN 978-0-9811597-2-0

Prolific horror writer Probert (The Faculty of Terror) offers up 18 gruesome, unsettling, and often unnervingly funny tales in his wide-ranging fifth short story collection. In “At Midnight, I Will Steal Your Soul,” a terrifying choir rehearsal in a haunted asylum leads an anxiety-plagued woman to a profound realization. “Two for Dinner” is a heart-pounding tribute to revenge horror films with a gleefully disturbing punch line. “The Mirror of Tears” is a haunting family drama about childhood terror and the sometimes damaging power of love. Vividly creepy images—the pages of a cookbook sucking on a child like leeches, an entire company being reduced to a sculpture of body parts as part of a corporate takeover—are all the more compelling when rendered in Probert’s breezy style. An illuminating and frequently hilarious afterword ends the collection on a gentle note.  — Publishers Weekly, February 8th, 2010, ‘Fiction Book Reviews (SF/Fantasy/Horror)’

Another reaction recently received about Mr. Probert’s book is the from Britain’s long-respected Master of Horror Ramsey Campbell:

The delightfully wicked Mr. Probert wields his prose like a scalpel. His imagination is impressively warped and gruesome, and yet his tales have an unrepentantly English reticence. There’s dark humour here, and unexpected poignancy — indeed, the book is as full of surprises as the man himself. Horror is lucky to have him. – Ramsey Campbell

Wicked Delights is the third book to be published by Atomic Fez, the third to be reviewed by Publishers Weekly, and the second title Publishers Weekly has awarded a star (denoting “recommended” status).”