Richard K. Lyon (1933-2008)

I'm sad to report that Richard K. Lyon passed away on 21 November 2008. While perhaps not a major figure in the field of fantasy, Richard had great success with a trilogy of novels co-authored with Andrew J. Offutt in the late seventies and early eighties: Demon in the Mirror, The Eyes of Sarsis and Web of the Spider. In recent years his writing had appeared everywhere from Analog to my own Theaker's Quarterly Fiction.

I didn’t get to know him as well as I would have liked – I wish we had been able to work together on a longer project – but he was always extremely polite and generous, treating my suggested edits to his work with a seriousness that had hardly been earned by their source. In total I published seven of his stories over the last two years.
In early November he wrote to say, “My doctor tells me that I need to put my affairs in order. Since I’ve enjoyed 74 years of virtually perfect health, a very successful career as a scientist, two sons of whom I’m proud, and the love of a beautiful, kind woman for 40+ years, this is no great tragedy.”
I’m sure his friends and family disagreed very strongly on that last point.
Richard K. Lyon was a research scientist, inventor and writer, with a PhD in physical chemistry from Harvard. His hobbies included collecting pulp SF magazines and writing. Tales from the Lyonheart, a recent collection of his stories is available from Wild Cat Books. A selection of his previously unpublished stories will appear in TQF over the next couple of years.