OBE for Brian Clemens

Terrific news: the creative force behind the Avengers and many other seminal TV programmes has been awarded the OBE (see the BBC news website). Brian was, of course, one of our guests of honour at FantasyCon 2009. He proved to be a delightful and thoroughly entertaining guest. Well deserved. The following is taken from Stephen Gallagher’s appreciation (originally appeared in the FantasyCon Souvenir Book:

“Born in 1931, Clemens grew up in Croydon. After service in the army and work in advertising, he sold a single play to BBC Television which led to a stint as house screenwriter for the Danziger Brothers. Depending on your prejudice or your point of view, the Danzigers were low-rent exploitation producers or resourceful low-budget entertainment providers in the Roger Corman style. They supplied second features for British cinema bills and half-hour filmed series for UK and US television. While in their employ, Clemens developed a proficiency in writing to deadline around available resources, as the brothers seized opportunities to get some extra use out of sets, props and sometimes even paid-up performers from other, more expensive productions.”