BFS Books and Other Projects

Manitou Man: the Worlds of Graham Masterton
By Graham Masterton, Matt Williams and Ray Clark. Edited by David J. Howe. Introduction by Peter James. 1998. 240pp.

Miscellany Macabre
By Ken Cowley. Introduction by Ramsey Campbell. 1999. 80pp. £5.99. A world peopled with ghosts, phantoms and horrors from ages past.

The Spiral Garden
By Louise Cooper. 2000. 110pp. £5.99. Five of her short stories, including “St Gumper’s Feast”.

The Age of Chaos: the Multiverse of Michael Moorcock
By Jeff Gardiner. Introduction by Michael Moorcock. 2002. 116pp. ISBN 0 9538681 1 7. £7.99.

F20 one
Edited by M.P.N. Sims, L.H. Maynard and David J. Howe. 120pp. £6.99. Terrifying new stories of fantasy and horror.

F20 two
Edited by David J. Howe, M.P.N. Sims and L.H. Maynard. 120pp. £7.99. Seven deadly sins, seven deadly authors.

Cinema Macabre
Edited by Mark Morris. 2006. 246pp. Essays on horror cinema.

The British Fantasy Society: a Celebration
Edited by Paul Kane & Marie O’Regan. Cover artwork by Dominic Harman. 2006. £11.99.

Houses on the Borderland
Edited by David Sutton. Cover illustration by Les Edwards. 2008. 300pp. £11.99. Six novellas from some of the best British writers in the field today.

In Conversation, A Writer’s Perspective, Volume One: Horror
James Cooper. Cover design by Lee Thompson. 2009. 246pp. £15. Interviews with sixteen horror writers.

The British Fantasy Society Yearbook
Cover design by Lee Thompson. 2009. 296pp. Not on sale to the public. A very well-received anthology.

Full Fathom Forty
2011. Paperback, 496pp. Edited by David J. Howe.

The Burning Circus
2013. Hardback, 121pp. Edited by Johnny Mains.

Unexpected Journeys
2013. Hardback, 187pp. Edited by Juliet E. McKenna.


Olde Horrors
By Jim Pitts. Edited by Peter Coleborn. 1989. £5.00. This art portfolio was produced in a limited-edition of 500 copies. Six prints from a master of fantasy art – the only such project so far undertaken by the BFS.

The British Fantasy Society Calendar 2005

The British Fantasy Society Calendar 2006