BFS Review Teams

The British Fantasy Society has three teams of reviewers, each with its own editor. The reviews currently appear first on our website and are sometimes also collected in the BFS Journal. Contributors retain the copyright in their reviews. Our definition of fantasy is a wide one, so items covered include heroic fantasy, science fiction, horror and everything in-between.

Due to a large number of review requests, we are currently closed to self-published review queries at this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Book, Comics & Graphic Novel Reviews

Editor: Sarah Deeming
Novels, short story collections, anthologies, and non-fiction from the major publishers. Comics from big and small publishers. Reviewers willing to review from digital copies especially welcomed.

Indie & RPG Reviews

Small and independent press books and magazines, plus role-playing games, expansion packs and tie-ins. Digital and hard copies available, depending on the title.

Media Reviews

Editor: Matt Barber
Films, television programmes, computer games, music, radio, audio plays, audiobooks, theatre, and more.