A Swapping of Chairs

When I first stood for Chair of the BFS I promised myself it wouldn’t be for long. I never really specified how long but was conscious that a society benefits from a constant influx of fresh ideas and that, once I’d run out, it was time for someone else to bring some to the table. It hasn’t quite worked out like that, but then life rarely does.

All of the committee balance their duties with their work and private lives and sometimes that can be a tricky balance to achieve. Since coming onboard I have had a more than usually busy life… Work has been constant (which is good!) but often all-consuming and, if anything that trend has increased over the last eighteen months. Only too aware that a Chair run ragged and unable to cope with his duties was the last thing the BFS needed I announced to the committee my intention to stand down. I wouldn’t leave anyone in the lurch, I think far too much of this society for that, but I was approaching a very real crash if I continued to try and juggle so many balls in the air.

Out of that conversation a solution presented itself, Stephen Theaker has been an absolute dynamo on behalf of the BFS, frequently performing above and beyond his role as Dark Horizons editor in order to keep things moving. I knew he had the skills to make an excellent Chair and told him so. I confess I had imagined that he would stand this coming September (and I would propose him for the role heartily). However, the committee agreed that there was no time like the present. If I was struggling — and I was — then did it not make more sense for him to saddle-up for the role now, feel his way with it as a “temporary” Chair so that, come September he had already hit the ground running and — should he be voted in –  the transition would be seamless.

That is what has happened. I can’t thank him enough for offering, he always has the best interests of the society to heart and I only hope he is sworn into the position officially come the next AGM, clearly he will have my vote.

I will continue to act as Chair of FantasyCon for this year and will then vanish from official roles for awhile. However, it’s been a pleasure to be involved and the society will always be incredibly important to me. Onward!