Appointment of a new BFS chair

Unfortunately, no one stood for BFS chair at the 2014 Annual General Meeting of the society, but a suitable candidate has now been in touch to say that they would like to stand. (We will leave it to them to announce their candidacy – keep an eye on the BFS forum.)

Interim chairs have been appointed by BFS committee vote before, and the committee would like to have a chair in place fairly quickly, but because there have been expressions of interest from other parties it might not be fair to instantly appoint the first candidate to declare.

If any other candidates inform the committee by the end of October that they wish to stand, we will then hold an online election, inviting members to vote via the next bulletin. If no one else stands, the committee will take a vote on whether to appoint the current candidate.

Update: Phil Lunt has announced on the forum that he is standing for chair.