Best Horror of the Year volume one (ed. Ellen Datlow)

Houses on the Bonderland cover imageEllen Datlow has posted her TOC for ‘Best Horror of the Year: Volume One’ and I’m happy to report that Simon Bestwick’s novella ‘The School House’ originally published in our very own collection, Houses on the Borderland (ed. David Sutton) has been included in the book itself.

Along with fellow BFS members:

Bird, Allyson “The Bone Grinder,” Bull Running for Girls | Campbell, Ramsey “Double Room,” The New Uncanny | Campbell, Ramsey “The Long Way,” PS chapbook | Duffy, Steve “The Oram County Whoosit,” Shades of Darkness | Lane, Joel “A Mouth to Feed,” Shades of Darkness | Lane, Joel “Even the Pawn,” Crimewave 10 | Meloy, Paul “All Mouth,” Black Static 6 | Probert, John Llewellyn “Don’t Look Back” Coffin Nails | Williams, Conrad “68˚ 07’ 15”N, 31˚ 36’ 44”W,” Fast Ships, Black Sails

Congratulations to Simon and company.

A full list of Honourable Mentions for 2008 and the final 50 stories selcted have been posted here.