BFS Horizons Open for Submissions

BFS Horizons is once more open for submissions.


“Submissions for Issues 15 and 16 will open on the 1st January 2022. If your new year resolution is to submit more stories then this is your chance! Please remember to follow the submission guidelines (detailed here.)”
Pete W Sutton, Editor, BFS Horizons

Fiction: We’re mainly looking for stories of up to 5000 words, but will consider more. Authors don’t have to be British, although it would be great if stories have a thread linking it to these isles. Our definition of ‘fantasy’ is broad, encapsulating weird fiction, swords and sorcery, science fiction and all varieties of horror.

Poetry: Any form will be accepted with a maximum length of 36 lines. To be honest, rhyming poetry in iambic pentameters will be a hard sell. However, it would be good to see sonnets, Villanelles or the odd Rondeau, or any other form you care to tackle. Tip: Before submitting, read your poem out loud. Does it work? Check the metre. Does it scan? Look at your line lengths. Lengthy poems or sagas will be considered, but should follow instead the submission guidelines given above for fiction. Unlike fiction and non-fiction, poems should be included in the body of the email, not sent as an attachment.

All submissions must be in English. If you’re a member of the BFS, please let us