BFS Journal #11: out now!

Cover art by Jennie Gyllblad

BFS Journal #11 is now out, all one hundred and eighty-four pages of it. You can only get this publication if you’re a BFS member, but we’ve ordered a handful of extra copies, so if you join today there’s still a chance of getting one.

Sarah Newton is the editor of this issue’s fiction:

  • The Switch, Mark Lewis
  • Electricity, Gary Couzens
  • Pawnarchy, Mark Huntley-James
  • The Eden Paradigm, Allen Ashley and Madeleine Beresford
  • A Barrow on the Border, Rima Devereaux
  • The Need to Create, Emma Newman
  • The Lost Name, Sandra Unerman
  • Baby 17, Jonathan Oliver
  • The Long Hard Road Out of Hell, M.E. Lerman

Stuart Douglas edits the non-fiction:

  • Jennie Gyllblad, interviewed by Max Edwards
  • Freda Warrington, interviewed by Alex Bardy
  • The Adventures of Brak, Mike Barrett
  • Tim Powers, interviewed by Stuart Douglas
  • Nick Campbell on The Child Garden
  • Forbidden Fruits, Ray Cluley

And Ian Hunter edits the poetry:

  • Cybernetic Mary, Deborah Walker
  • Protecting Veil, Megan Kerr
  • A Paranormal Romance, Allen Ashley

There’s also an editorial by Max Edwards, a chairman’s chat by Mark Barrowcliffe, and a BFS news section. The cover art is by Jennie Gyllblad. An ebook edition will be emailed out to members soon.

Submission guidelines are here, if you fancy submitting something for #12. If you want to chat about #11, there’s a thread on the BFS Publications board of our forum.

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  1. craiglockley // 30/04/2014 at 08:43 //

    I renewed just days after they were sent out and requested one through Max a couple of weeks ago but still not seen one.

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