BFS Journal Special Issue – Call For Submissions

Fantasy and Gaming have a long association, from the entwined history of Dungeons & Dragons and Epic Fantasy, to the real-life manufacture of Thud!, the game from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. Fantasy games and their representations in other media have affected gambling laws, education, the treatment of social isolation, and even Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse (via Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One). 

With this in mind, the British Fantasy Society Journal opens its call for submissions for a very Special Issue on Fantasy and Gaming. As stated in the proposed BFS constitution, our definition of fantasy includes “Science Fiction, Heroic, Horror, Supernatural and related fields”. Meanwhile, we use games to describe both table-top and video games (including computer games). 

Topics may include, but are not limited to…

  • History of fantasy games
  • The influence of games on other areas of fantasy (e.g. D&D and Fantasy, etc)
  • Portrayals of games in fantasy books, movies, and other genre media
  • The impact of fantasy games in other spheres (e.g. running apps, education, etc)
  • The symbolism of games in fantasy 
  • LARPing based on fantasy games
  • Choose Your Own Adventure stories 
  • Fantasy games and the Law
  • Representation, diversity, and access in fantasy games
  • Current debates in fantasy games

This issue will contain pieces of 1.5k to 3k words. We look forward to receiving opinion pieces, reviews, responses to current debates, retrospectives and biographies, interviews (please query the word count for any interviews), and other non-fiction pieces. We especially welcome submissions and queries from early-career writers and writers from traditionally marginalized backgrounds.

Please note that for this issue we will not be accepting academic papers. However, we encourage academics to submit pieces in a style suitable for audiences outside the academy. Please note that any pieces in a “listicle” style will have a higher bar to clear than other submissions, but please get in touch if you have a good idea for this format.

All submissions, plus any queries about possible submissions, should be sent to:

All submissions should adhere to the General Submission and BFS House Style Guidelines (found on the BFS website at: 

Please note that we also request that files are submitted in a sans serif font (Arial preferred) and are double-spaced. Please supply any accompanying images as separate files, and use letters in the filenames to indicate the preferred order (e.g. a-arrival.jpg, b-conversation.jpg, c-departure.jpg).

All contributors to the BFS Journal who are not society members will receive a free copy of the Journal. Further details of the Submission Terms can be found here:

The deadline for submissions is Saturday 15th October 2022 by 11:59pm BST. 

We look forward to receiving your work!
Ruth EJ Booth and Charly Harbord
Special Issue Editors