BFS Short Story Competition: Previous Winners

The current BFS Short Story Competition began in 2004 (though we are currently investigating mysterious rumours of earlier instances – any information will be gratefully received). Here are the previous winners of the current competition.


Winner: Omar the Teller of Tales, Robin Tompkins. Published in the BFS Journal, Winter 2010.

Runner-up: The Song, Travis Heermann. Published in the BFS Journal, Winter 2010.

Third place: Beating Heart, by Dan Malach


Winner: Dead Astronauts, Patrick Whittaker

Runner-up: In the Moment, Elana Gomel

The Apocalypse Has Been Good To Us, by Charlotte Bond

Shortlisted: The Tin Box, Cheryl Alleyne; 17, by Anjanee Sooknah


Winner: Seems Only Right, Mathew F. Riley. Published in New Horizons 3.

Runner-up: The Skeleton in the Cupboard, Astrid Klemz. Published in Dark Horizons 55.


Winner: Star-Changer, Rebecca Lusher. Published in Dark Horizons 52.

Runner-up: Keep Off the Grass, Sally Quilford. Published in Dark Horizons 52.


Winner: The Ice Game, Sue Anderson. Published in Dark Horizons 50.

Runner-up: In His Charge, Nicky Robson. Available to read on the author’s website. Published in Dark Horizons 51.

Runner-up: Father’s Day, David Turnbull. Published in Dark Horizons 51.


Winner: Baby, Simon Messingham. Published in Dark Horizons 48.


Winner: Manny and the Monkeys, Simon Woodward

Runner-up: Our Friends, Philip Harris

Shortlisted: Bird Songs at Eventide, Nina Allen; All Beauty Must Die, Mike Chinn; The River Child, Glen Cox; The Journey of Life, K.S. Dearsley