Fantasycon 2017 Update – Dealers and Sponsorship

We have a number of option for publishers, book sellers, authors, artists and genre related commodity seller who might want to sell or promote their items/books/art etc.

We have a great Dealers room which means all the dealers will be in the same place making for a wonderful shopping experience, there is also a bar in the same room, so hopefully that will keep our wonderful dealers hydrated as well as attracting a few more people to spend some time in the room. From a security point of view we will be able to lock the room overnight or when the room is closed.

We have 3 packages which we think give you some good options:

1. Debut Package, £65. We think this is suitable for promoting an event or individual or only a few books, especially for groups/societies or self published/Indie authors. You get a ½ Page advert (full page +£50) in the event guide, ½ table in the dealers room and a Logo and link on website.

2. Authors Package, £55 plus 5% commission on any books sold. If an author/publisher is attending, but not wanting to be at a stand all weekend, then we are happy to make sure that your books are available for sale. We will limit the number of titles/copies depending on space available. Advertising in this way helps everyone to know about you and hopefully come and find your book(s). You get a ½ page advert (full page +£50) in the event guide and your books to be sold at the Fantasycon/BFS dealer table as well as a Logo/link on website.

3. Dealer Package, £135. This is great for a dealer who want to get noticed as well as sell there goods. You get a 1 page advert (extra pages +£100) in the event guide, 1 table (extra tables +£40) and a Logo and link on website.

Tables and adverts are also available as separate items on our website.

Membership for people attending as dealers is also required, we know not everyone agrees with this and it is perhaps something we will look at for future events, but this is the case for this year.

Book Launches are also available, there is no charge for these, but you would need to pay for any refreshments you would like to serve.

There are some great sponsorship options on our website, if you are interested but the total amount is beyond your budget we can look at splitting the item between more than one sponsor so do get in touch if you want to explore these options.

With regards to Art – artists are very welcome to have a table at the dealers room to sell and promote their art, they can also put prints on the Fantasycon/BFS dealer table for sale. Launches don’t have to be for books, it could be an opportunity to showcase new art,but the limited time slot for these events would make an exhibition of a lot of work very difficult. We are working on another option for Art, but no promises as it might not work out.

Dealer page on our website:
Email address to get in contact: