New BFS chair: Phil Lunt

Phil Lunt has been appointed chair of the British Fantasy Society by a formal vote of the BFS committee.

Interim chairs have been appointed by committee vote before, but there had been expressions of interest from other parties this time and, while we wanted it all sorted out quickly, the committee thought it wouldn’t be fair to instantly appoint the first candidate to declare.

So we announced on the forum and website that we would be waiting until the end of October for any other candidates to let us know that they wished to stand. If they had, we would have invited members to vote in an online election via an email bulletin. In the event, no other candidates came forward.

Here’s what Phil said when announcing in the forum that he would stand:

“I’ve only been involved with the BFS since June/July 2011, when I took over as Media Reviews Editor, but I’ve already seen a fair few changes since then. However, the main underlying thing that is always here is passion from members, old and new, current and lapsed. Passion for the genres the BFS covers and passion for the society as a whole. This is evident here, on the forum, but really is hammered home at events such as Open Nights or FantasyCon.

So I’m throwing my hat in the ring to be BFS Chair because I do think good things can, and will, continue to come from the society but we’re in a bit of a limbo state at the moment and the vacuum needs to be filled and the ship needs steadying so we can move forward.

Without a Chair in place I feel that, to some extent, we’re limited in how that can happen.

The basics need putting back into place, and I have ideas for the Journal to get that back on track, for one. Plus ideas for special publications, eMemberships and increased outreach through support of Richard and the BFS Events etc, but the recent survey results will be studied carefully so that we go forward with the best interests of the society at heart.”